Strike a Pose

Something a little different here on the Blog today. I don’t always shoot landscapes and city scenes. Sometimes I just start shooting things for no reason whatsoever. I love the digital age over my old film days because the cost of film and processing always had me planning most of my shots when I was younger. The major issue for myself as a photographer back then was cost and I know that  it somewhat hindered my willingness to press the shutter as often as I may have wanted to. Today, with the only limitation being how much room I have on my memory card, I can be much more spontaneous and even a little crazy at times. I am not saying digital is better than film, I definitely do not want to start that argument here in this post. Maybe a future post focusing on the pro’s and con’s as I see them. Maybe..


This is our dog “Icy”. He is an eight year old pure bred White German Shepherd and we have had him since he was four months old. Icy is, I think, the only one in my family who truly loves the snow and winter. This was shot one evening recently when he was in the back yard just running around and having a blast in the fresh snow that had just fallen. He hadn’t even noticed that I was standing there with the camera and when I called his name he stopped and “posed”. He then came running over and was jumping up and down and growling wanting to play. Almost nine years old now and still a big puppy.




I probably took at least twenty different photos of him after this shot. If I had been using film, even today, I doubt I would have wasted almost an entire roll on just my dog running around in the snow. I may not have even taken this shot. So, I guess I am making a bit of an argument over digital versus film. Mostly to myself. It’s made me grow as a photographer and really enjoy it even more.


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Thin Ice

Back to a bit of a winter theme today. Although, this was taken last month when there was no snow on the ground. I need to get back over there before this all melts tomorrow! Maybe a walk in the park is in store for me! The only crappy thing is still needing someone to drive me places. I know I’m going to have to bribe someone though soon!


This is a shot at Peters Lake Park in Peters Township located in Southwestern Pennsylvania. It’s where I live. We are about twenty five miles south of Downtown Pittsburgh. Maybe less. I’m not positive on the distance. Anyway, my wife and I went walking here last month and I have already shared a few previous shots from that day here on the Blog. I figured, why not another! At least the sun was shining and it was warm out. What made me take this shot was the reflection in the water of the trees right at the ice line. I thought it was pretty cool. The clouds in the sky of course were a bonus!




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Southside Flare

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Yesterday morning, before the cold front came in, my wife, myself and my daughter went down to the Southside of the City of Pittsburgh so we could take some shots of town. We really didn’t have a game plan, other than just check some places out and shoot. We wound up at several different spots and we made plans to definitely come back for some night, blue hour, and sunrise shoots in the future. It was nice just getting out of the house and spending some time with them. Here’s one of the shots I took from above Cupples Stadium where the City League plays their HS Football looking towards downtown.




I don’t know the name of the Church I caught the flare off of. I only wish I had had the zoom lens on to start cause I didn’t catch the guy working and sitting up there before he disappeared. You can also see the Liberty Bridge on the left above the Monongahela River which separates downtown and the Southside. More shots to come soon! Thanks for stopping and I hope everyone has a terrific week!


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Rocky Shore

I was trying an experiment with my print page’s blog feature and have decided that I like WordPress much more! So back to the good ‘ol blog here for me. It just doesn’t have all the functionality and customization that I would like to be able to do.

I hope you have all had a great week! Today’s shot is of a rocky little part of the shore on the same lake that I had visited last weekend. The lake was thawing and the ice was melting allowing for some nice reflections on parts of the water. The weather of course has since changed quite a bit here in the Burgh. Winter is back. No more snow yet, but I”m sure we’ll get some more. By next week, this lake will be frozen over again. I heard the high temps aren’t going to get out of the low 20s! Brrrrr. I need to move somewhere WARM!!!


Rocky Shore


Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend everyone! If you’d like to see the print options availbe for this photo, please visit:

McPeek Photography



The weather forecast is calling for snow here in the Burgh, so I was going through some older shots and found this one of a local creek waterfall that I was out at during a snowstorm back in early February. This was a bit of a slippery climb down to get this shot!




I hope everyone stays safe and warm! Thanks for stopping and have a great weekend!

Tuesday Morning T

Yesterday morning, it was a whopping 18 degrees out. While I was waiting for the T to take me to downtown Pittsburgh, I noticed the sun was starting to come up and a hint of possible color in the sky. At first I didn’t think there was going to be much to this sunrise, but since I was early, I grabbed my camera out of my backpack anyways.

Within less than a minute of me thinking that, the sky blew up with color! It was gorgeous and only lasted about 5 minutes total, so I was just hand shooting 3 shot brackets and firing away.

All the people on the train platform must have thought I was nuts because of my mumbling and cussing under my breath due to the crappy vantage points I had. I’m not thrilled with this shot, but wanted to share something because it was so cool at how quickly the sky exploded with color then went away.

Today, the weather forecast states it’s going to be 65 degrees and sunny in the Burgh. I’m going to be sticking around downtown after work and hopefully will have some new shots of the city to share.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for stopping by.


Floating Trees

I’m not in the best mood today. This is the third straight day I’ve been laid up from my pain. Unable to walk. Yet, for almost 2 weeks prior to this, I was walking fine and enjoying life. Less than a month to go until I can see the rheumatologist, who hopefully can provide some sort of relief. It’s been a frustrating wait for someone who is not a very patient patient.

Anyways, before this wave of pain hit me, I was out shooting architecture shots this past Sunday for a client when I drove past this scene and had to pull over to get some pics of it.

I was up north of Pittsburgh somewhere in the middle of Butler county with my wife navigating when we spotted this odd view of several trees appearing to be growing on little islands in the middle of a pond on a farm. At least this time I didn’t give her whiplash when I cranked the wheel and hit the brakes to pull over!

Hope everyone has a great day!


This is a quick weekend post. I have to run and get some architecture shots done today. A very well known local construction company saw my shot of one of their buildings and contacted me to re-shoot ALL their buildings for their website. This is the photo that got me the job.

This is a big deal to me. If you’ve read my About page here, you’ll understand why. Because I took this photo, I’m going to get paid for doing something that I love to do!

I know jobs don’t always come this easy, but I  wanted to share this to show that sometimes they do!  I was just driving past this building when the colors caught my eye, so I turned around, parked, set up, and started shooting. So you never know when that random shot you took might turn into “something” for you.

Needless to say I’m thrilled and excited for the opportunity. The money will be nice as well.

Time to get to Work.

Wake Up

This week at work I’m in a training class. The training is fine. The training room we’re in is like a sauna. Maintenance can’t seem to get the room to cool off and everyone in there is struggling to stay awake throughout the day.

I went for a photo walk downtown today on my lunch break and spotted this truck and thought about stealing it so that we could all drink a ton of this to stay awake! Well, not really steal it, but maybe bribe the driver to bring it to our building. Two more days to go!

Come on Friday!