Have a Seat

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting and going out shooting with Mike Criswell. He had contacted me and wanted to go shoot around Pittsburgh a while back and we finally got to do it. It was really a good time and I look forward to shooting with him again! If you’re not familiar with Mike’s work, check out his website at Michael “Theaterwiz” Criswell Photography, he does amazing work!


Today’s photo was taken as the sun was starting to come up from the North Shore of Pittsburgh. Mike and I had met at about 5am and worked our way from downtown to the North Shore. The colors as the sun rose really looked promising for an amazing sunrise and it was lighting up the Andy Warhol bridge and everything in a beautiful glowing red. We had been in this spot since dark and were shooting from different places when I decided that this bench was a terrific spot to “Have a Seat” and view the colors appearing before us. This was a 5 shot bracket that I edited in Photomatix and then in Nik Color Efex. We stuck around for a while before moving on.




Lots more shots of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh up in Oakland coming from my adventure shooting with Theaterwiz! Thanks for stopping and thanks again to Mike for a great time!


Burgh Burst

Found this one in the archives and never posted it. While out shooting prior to sunrise near Station Square in Pittsburgh last year with my daughter, we saw what was the start to a beautiful sunrise. We hopped in my truck and blasted up to Mt Washington to get some shots of the sunrise over the city skyline. I have captured many cool sunrises from this similar vantage point, but I really liked the silhouette of the skyline and the sun burst in this shot.




There’s not much more to say other than I did definitely break the speed limit flying up PJ McArdle Roadway to get to Mt Washington!


Thanks for visiting everyone! Have a great weekend!



The Old Barn

Hello Everyone! First off I’d like to thank you all for sharing, commenting, retweeting the images I’ve posted the last few days! It’s really great of you all to do this! Today’s photo is of an old barn and farm that is one of the few remaining in my area. All the others have long ago sold out to real estate developers and no longer exist. I got this shot just as the sun was coming up and I was walking along the fence line.



Today I’m going to share two versions of the same shot. One in color and one I ran through Nik Silver Efex. I’d love to hear what you think of each.



Thanks for stopping by and visiting. I really appreciate it. Note: All my photos on the blog are available in print format, please just click the “Order Prints” link on the top or right side of the page to visit my galleries.



Morning on the Mon

Today’s shot is from back in April on a Saturday morning prior to sunrise. Since I’m still not able to get out, I’ve been going through some of my old shots that I haven’t shared yet and chose this one for today.


It was a nice quiet morning in the Burgh when I wanted to get some shots of the Smithfield Street Bridge that I grabbed this shot of the empty docks, Monongahela River, and the Pittsburgh Skyline as the sun was starting to come up from the Smithfield Street Bridge that wasn’t cooperating with me on this day. No lights were on on it. Regardless, I made the best of the morning and somehow never posted this below shot.



Thanks for stopping by today and to everyone for all the comments! I really appreciate em!



Country Road

Country road? Well not really. This shot is along a road not far from my house that used to be all “Country”. Farm country. In the last 25 years almost all the farmers sold out to developers and hundreds and hundreds of homes have been built in the area. Down the road on the left is one of the last remaining farms in the town as the sun rises behind it. On the right you can see the pillars and lights to one of the long driveways to one of the “newer” homes.



The sunrise was pretty awesome on the morning I took this shot and I’m hoping to catch a few more this week. I’ll be going into the hospital for brain surgery next week and will be out of the loop for more than likely a week. They said the recovery time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Hopefully it won’t be THAT long!


Have a great week everyone! Thanks for stopping by!



A New Look

I’ve grown tired of the old dark, black color, look of my blog. I’ve been shopping around for a new layout and found a few but decided to actually pay for some quality WordPress themes. I went with Elegant Themes. I really love how they do their layouts and the configuration is a breeze. I know several of my photog friends use it and I hope they’re not bothered at all by the fact that I chose to go with the same type of layout. There are several different themes I want to try out, but this first one is really appealing to me and I may customize it some more myself if I find the time to code it up.

Today’s photo is down at Station Square in Pittsburgh prior to sunrise on a Saturday morning. My daughter, Hannah, had been with me and I was teaching her how to use my old DSLR as we wandered around. This scene appealed to me as it seemed like how an open air train station may have looked at one time along the tracks there. Minus all the fluorescent lights! Have a great Sunday everyone and thanks again for all the well wishes I’ve received on here, my FB, and all other correspondence. I’m trying to stay positive and taking my time as I can do some things on the computer between vertigo spells really helps.

Smithfield Street Bridge

I have many unposted, unprocessed photos laying around, and since I can’t get out for anything new for a while due to health issues, I really wanted to post “something” new.

Today’s shots are the Smithfield Street Bridge in Pittsburgh that spans the Monongahela River from Station Square to downtown. This first shot was taken several weeks ago on a Saturday morning just before sunrise. My daughter went down with me in hopes of catching the bridge all lit up with no traffic on it. Imagine our dissappointment when we found not one light “on” on the bridge. Still, we made the best of it and had a really nice father daughter day!

This next shot is of the historical marker that gives a little detail about John A. Roebling who built this bridge back in 1846. He also designed the Brooklyn Bridge, another bridge in Pittsburgh over the Allegheny River and a railroad bridge in Niagara Falls.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monongahela Incline

Today we visit the Monongahela Incline at Station Square in Pittsburgh. It was built in 1870 by John Endres and is the oldest continuously operating funicular in the USA. The first shot is of the station at the base of Mount Washington near the Smithfield Street Bridge on Carson Street.


Next is the station at the top of Mount Washington. I captured the following shots just after sunrise. The incline is 635 feet long and goes up 369 feet in elevation to the top.


Finally here’s a shot looking over the railing down at the track watching one of the cars heading down to Station Square. The passenger capacity per car is 23 people. You can also see the Smithfield Street Bridge, Station Square, and of course the Pittsburgh Skyline across the Monongahela River in this shot.


Have a great Tuesday Everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunrise on the Mount

Since I’ve been getting around better over the past week, I’ve been dying to get back out for some new shots. I decided to head down to Station Square prior to sunrise on Saturday morning so that I could get some shots of the Smithfield Street Bridge when it’s all lit up and very little traffic. I got all packed up Friday night and asked my 14 year old daughter if she’d like to come along. When I told her I was going to leave before 5am I was sure she was going to say “No” but she didn’t. We hit the road and headed downtown at 5am.

I was quite dissappointed when we got there and there was not one light “on” on the bridge. We did make the best of it though. I taught her how to use my old DSLR and we got some nice shots of the city and some things around Station Square when the sun started coming up and we noticed that the sky was going to light up nicely for sunrise.

We hustled back to my truck and sped up PJ McCardle Roadway to Mount Washington in time for the colors to start. This is one of the shots I got of the sunrise from Mt Washington. It was a terrific morning finished off with the two of us out to breakfast.

Have a Great Week everyone!