I think I have my mind made up on Nik’s Silver Efex Pro. I’m really enjoying it for processing B&W images. I’ve got lots more to learn with it, but I’m quite happy with my results so far! Today’s shot is from one of the Mount Washington Overlooks in the City of Pittsburgh I had taken several months ago. They sky and clouds were really cool looking the evening I took this shot, but there was not much color. Hence, the choice of processing in black and white.



There’s several of these viewfinders all along Mt Washington. I didn’t happen to throw a quarter in it though to see how well they work. I’m pretty sure the zoom on my lenses are much better!

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Pittsburgh Blue Hour

West End Blue Hour

To continue from yesterday, after I got the shot of the Flag, I headed back over for one more look at the city. Blue Hour was upon us and even though it was a Sunday night, and not a “ton” of lights on in town, the below image really came out well. I’m happy with how the clouds had come in and the blue had come up. The lights beginning to reflect on the rivers. It was a really gorgeous night too. Warm breeze blowing just enough to not be too cool. My Wife by my side and just enjoying ourselves that afternoon / evening. I can’t wait to go again.



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West End Sunset

It’s a whole New Month! Welcome to May! Hopefully I’ll get some “May Flowers” pics up soon! Today’s post is another shot from a few weeks back when my Wife and I were up at West End Overlook. We were heading out when I spotted the flag blowing in the warm breeze that night. I was just starting to pack up when I saw this. Changed my plans. Grabbed a few brackets of this scene and am not too disappointed with it.


Next, since we hadn’t left yet, and I hadn’t packed the gear all up. I headed back over for one more look at the city. It was just starting to go “Blue”. I’ll share the shot I got from then for tomorrows post! It’s making me nuts not being able to get out, but I have not run out of older non posted shots yet!

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My Boy

Today I go back to the West End and post one of my favorite shots from that afternoon we were there last month. This is a shot of my sixteen year old son after he put his tripod away and we were heading out. He stopped and was doing some quick handheld shots when I turned and looked back. I still had my camera on the tripod so I did a quick setup while he was busy and got this shot.

I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes in regards to my health issues I’ve been dealing with. I’m happy to report that it has not been a week yet since starting the new meds and I am feeling much better. If the improvement continues I will definitely be heading out for some shooting this coming weekend!

Happy “Hump Day”!