Belted Kingfisher

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A bitter cold weather front has been in place for over a week here south of the Burgh. I have not been very motivated to go out in this cold weather and shoot wildlife photos but when I saw a friend of mine who posted some photos on Facebook of two birds who have been elusive to me, I had to go out and try to find them.

I sent my friend a PM on Facebook and asked if she would share with me where she had photographed the Belted Kingfisher and Wood Duck. Since she is such a kind person like most folks in the Photography community, she let me know where she had photographed them. The place is less than 3 miles from my house!

I grabbed all my gear, threw on extra warm clothes and headed out. When I arrived, there were many ducks there. All Mallards. No Wood Duck. Bummer. I decided to wait and listen to see if the Kingfisher would show up. While waiting, I shot tons of photos of the Mallards as well as a bunch of a Great Blue Heron who had decided to join the party. The wait turned into an hour, then two, then I heard the Kingfisher. I heard him, but I couldn't see him. Then I no longer heard him anymore. The wait then turned to three hours and I finally heard him again.

I spotted him sitting on a branch across the mostly frozen over creek from me. I moved very slowly into position and started shooting photos of him. At last, a nice quality shot of a Belted Kingfisher! The long, cold wait was well worth it!

If you are interested in purchasing a Print or other Product of this photograph, you can go to the Gallery to do so.

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Belted Kingfisher
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