The Cabin

Located in South Western New York state, is a beautiful place that I had helped originally build. My father’s (our family) cabin. It has since gone through some major renovations and upgrades that I was unable to get time off of work to help with. My Dad and step Mother and their friends have made some major improvements on a place that is just awesome to “get away” to. I figured with the blizzard hitting many folks, I would share a warm sunny summer day shot to hopefully cheer up anyone who’s sick of winter weather!


I shot this photo last year on a weekend escape prior to having my surgery. I was stressing pretty bad and needed to just get away for a few days. This was my escape. Watching the birds, listening to the frogs at night, campfires off the front porch, quiet. Oh, and of course, a bit of Photography thrown in!




I will be doing another post on this terrific place later in the year showcasing some of the terrific work both inside and out! Since this photo was taken there have been some major changes to the exterior at the end of last summer.


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!



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