Fort Pitt Bridge

Anyone who has ever visited Downtown Pittsburgh and come from the airport or the south to get there has more than likely come across this bridge. Not all folks of course, as there are several others that you can take, but from the Interstate, this is usually the route. I remember my first time coming to the city back in the early 80’s. Entering the Fort Pitt tunnel and coming out and “BOOM” there’s the city! The only city I had ever been to with an “Entrance”. It is an Awesome sight!


Today’s shot is not from that point of view however. I shot this several weeks back on a little Saturday morning trip with my wife and daughter. We went down by the Duquesne Incline lower lot and instead wound up walking along the train tracks and the Monongahela River towards Station Square. It was quite a bit of a workout for me since my surgery. Doc’s said to get out and walk as much as possible, but try not to fall over or lose your balance. Easier said than done! I am happy to say I did not wipe out at all but there were a few close calls! The best part of the trip was just getting out and laughing with my family! Mostly at ME!




We also got lucky and had a CSX train come and my daughter and I both got some cool shots of it! I had to wait until it passed in order to get this shot. The only downer of the entire day was the cloudless sky. I love having a much better sky when I’m taking HDR shots. I think the bridge worked out well, but I will definitely visit this spot again on a day when the sky has much more character.


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16 thoughts on “Fort Pitt Bridge

  1. Great shot. This is a great spot. And you are tight about a city with an entracce. I have not been there for a while but I grew up in the city. This was the way that we got in, right through the tunnel and you were there!

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