HYP Club

Tucked away between 6th and 7th Avenues on William Penn Way in downtown Pittsburgh is the Allegheny Harvard Yale Princeton Club. I don’t know much about it as I didn’t attend any of those schools, but I think this little old brick building hidden among much larger buildings is rather cool. I really like the architecture of it with the entry arch.

I shot this one morning a few months back while walking downtown on my way to work. The light coming on in the bay window caught my eye, so I snapped a few brackets freehand. Normally I just walk on past this building every day without paying much attention to it.

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  1. What a great POV here Rich! Love the processing!

  2. These old brick buildings sport a ton of character! nice catch Rich!

  3. Really cool framing in this, Rich, and gorgeous processing. Great color/details in the bricks.

  4. I like the contrast of old and new thanks to that crazy looking building in the back. Also the contrast of warm brick to cold steel is so good!

  5. Glad you stopped for this shot, Rich. This really came out very nicely, man. You’re right, the lighted room on front adds a nice element to the scene. Love the processing!

  6. Leading lines to the max. Love the red brick color too.

  7. Great composition and red tones, Rich. Nice job!

  8. Really nice photograph, Mark! I love all of those “suddenly out of nowhere…” kinds of experiences and shots!

  9. Sorry…I meant Rich, not Mark! My brain was reading his post above mine as I was writing!

  10. Terrific shot Rich. I really like the POV and you’ve brought out beautifull details in the building.

  11. Great shot, love the church in the distance. great detail in the brickwork.

  12. Love the details and textures at work here, Rich! That brickwork is absolutely astonishing, and I too love that light in the bay window there!

  13. very cool Rich, it’s like a secret society or something! nicely done!

  14. Thanks so much Everyone!

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