North Side

Today is a quick post and shot from the parking garage at Allegheny General Hospital on the the North Side of the City of Pittsburgh. I was there last week meeting with a new doc and I TOLD my wife I was bringing my cam and tripod with us. She wasn’t thrilled at the idea but I wanted to shoot “something” new! So, after the appointment, I “asked” her to drive to the top floor of the garage so I could take a couple shots of “anything”!

The sky was gorgeous that day and I snapped a few brackets of the neighborhoods below. The two smoke stacks you see in the distance are at the Heinz Plant.

Once I get the health issues worked out, I’m definitely going to get to the North Side and spend some time shooting there. (With my Camera).

Have a great Tuesday everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Really nice shot, love the colours.

  2. That’s one terrific sky Rich. It contrast nicely with the buildings and their color.

  3. Stunning clouds dude, what a view!

  4. That’s an awesone sky Rich!

  5. I love the detail you’ve got from those clouds!

  6. Sometimes you don’t have to go far to get great shots. Great detail in this image. Really well done Rich.

  7. Thanks so much Everyone!

  8. Nice work Rich!! Love this.

  9. GREAT shot Rich! Really love it, my friend! Hope you’re feeling better soon, you’re in our thoughts and prayers my friend!

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