West End Sunset

It’s a whole New Month! Welcome to May! Hopefully I’ll get some “May Flowers” pics up soon! Today’s post is another shot from a few weeks back when my Wife and I were up at West End Overlook. We were heading out when I spotted the flag blowing in the warm breeze that night. I was just starting to pack up when I saw this. Changed my plans. Grabbed a few brackets of this scene and am not too disappointed with it.


Next, since we hadn’t left yet, and I hadn’t packed the gear all up. I headed back over for one more look at the city. It was just starting to go “Blue”. I’ll share the shot I got from then for tomorrows post! It’s making me nuts not being able to get out, but I have not run out of older non posted shots yet!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Wonderful scene rich. The colors and light are gorgeous.

  2. Just beautiful colors here Rich! Love the glow to the image

  3. Nice vivid colors Rich! That flag movement is fantastic and the colors pop oh so well! Nice work buddy.

  4. I like those clouds Rich, nice color as well

  5. Very nice shot Rich. Love that sky!

  6. Beautiful Rich. The light and colors of the sky is perfect and it seems to be purposefully lighting up the flag. Great shot.

  7. Great shot, Rich. Everyone else has stolen my words. Except “details” which are really fantastic.

  8. Thanks Everyone!

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