My Boy

Today I go back to the West End and post one of my favorite shots from that afternoon we were there last month. This is a shot of my sixteen year old son after he put his tripod away and we were heading out. He stopped and was doing some quick handheld shots when I turned and looked back. I still had my camera on the tripod so I did a quick setup while he was busy and got this shot.

I want to thank everyone for all their well wishes in regards to my health issues I’ve been dealing with. I’m happy to report that it has not been a week yet since starting the new meds and I am feeling much better. If the improvement continues I will definitely be heading out for some shooting this coming weekend!

Happy “Hump Day”!

West End

Almost a month ago, I met up with Dave Dicello at the West End Overlook to do some shooting. Spring hadn’t started yet and I was not thrilled with the lack of color in the landscape for any of my shots so I decided to go with a black and white version.


I shot this with my new Tamron 10-24mm lens. Really loving the wide angle. Hopefully soon I’ll be back out shooting again. I’m going a bit nuts not being able to and really have lacked in my postings and my replies to all my friends wonderful work they continue to put up on their blogs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday weekend and a Happy Easter!


It’s Spring in the Burgh! Loving all the colors that are starting to come out after a long dreary looking winter! I’m so anxious for the trees and landscapes to fill in and no longer appear dormant and dead. This is my favorite season every year seeing everything come back to life.

Due to my limited movement, not many new shots to share. I did however get a new iPhone a few weeks ago and have been using it to shoot some photos and trying out different apps for Photography with it.

Today’s post is some Spring time shots I took from around my house this past Saturday. I used the iPhone with the Camera+ app for these shots. Have a great week everyone!