Early Spring

An early spring? Well, I don’t know about that. The weather the last few days has felt a lot more like Summer! Crazy warm weather we’ve been having in the Burgh this week. I know it can’t last, but I can still hope! It’s got me motivated to get out and walk around the city as often as I can.

Today’s shot is from the North Shore of Pittsburgh where we’ve all seen a very similar shot from many photographers. What grabbed me this time and made me take the shot was the reflection of the sun as it was starting to set off of the K&L Gates building across the river. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

River Safety

Feeling a little under the weather the last couple days, so a quick post and shot for Tuesday. This is the Pittsburgh River Safety Center located on the North Shore at PNC Park next to the Clemente Bridge, which you can see behind it. This is where the Pittsburgh River Rescue is based.

I shot this while walking on the North Shore about a week ago. The warm weather we’ve been having in the Burgh is amazing! I have a feeling there will be a lot of boats on the river early this year.

Have a great Tuesday!


Three Rivers

A quick weekend post for this Saturday. I shot this while on a solo photowalk last week from the North Shore of Pittsburgh. It was such a gorgeous day, I keep finding myself back in the folder containing the 300+ shots I took! You can see the Allegheny River on the left coming from under the Fort Duquesne Bridge and the Monongahela River on the right coming from under the Fort Pitt Bridge and where this is shot from is where they converge to become the beginning of the Ohio River.


Heading out in a few minutes hoping for a good sunrise shot on this frigid 22 degree morning. Have a terrific weekend everyone!


Growing up in Buffalo, New York, we didn’t have a Major League Baseball team in our home city. I can remember, when I was 10 years old, the 1979 World Series though. I remember always wanting one of those cool looking Pirates baseball hats. I remember most of my friends all being Yankee fans, since they were from New York. I also remember being picked on a bit because I loved the Pirates. I remember my favorite player being Willie Stargell as well. That was a really great time to be a kid.

Fast forward 33 years. I still get excited every spring for baseball season. I’ve lived in the Burgh now 27 years. I’m not as “big” a fan as I once was, but I still follow my favorite baseball team. Even through the “let downs” all these years. This is the time, however, every spring that we all think “Maybe this is the Year”. We can only hope. Let’s Go Bucs!

Today’s photo is of the Willie Stargell statue outside PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. I was walking by earlier this week when the sun shot through the gate as it was starting to set. I set up and ripped a few brackets off and was very pleased with the results!

Have a Great Weekend everyone!