Spring Fever

For the last 20 years now, every spring, I get excited about Baseball season starting. Unfortunately, our home team has been quite a “let down” for all these years. I still root for them, hoping that this will be the year! I’m not talking championships at all. I’m talking about just being competitive and finishing over .500. Today’s shot is of the ticket window at PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It’s tough to be a baseball fan in a city like the Burgh where our home teams have historically won championships over the years. The Pittsburgh Pirates have THE nicest stadium in all of MLB in my opinion. It’s really fun to go out to a ball game on a warm spring or summer evening with the city skyline as the backdrop and watch a ball game. It is, however, disappointing watching them go down the tubes as they have every year. I remember them winning the World Series as a kid and myself and all my friends wearing our “old school” Pirates ball caps and all the excitement that came with it!

So, today being my birthday, my wish this year is for the Pirates to have a winning season! I know it’s only spring training, but this is where the spring fever kicks in for me every year!  Let’s go Bucs!

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  1. Happy Birthday Rich. I hope that your Pirates deliver. They didn’t have a bad year last year, at least for a good part of the season. I am a big baseball fan too, growing up outside Philadelphia and transplanted to Connecticut. I have been fortunate to follow the Phillies and Sox. Anyway, let’s see the Phillies and Pirates in the National League Championship!

    Very nice image by the way.

  2. I’ve been to a few baseball stadiums, Toronto, New York, Boston, but I would love to go to PNC Park. That city skyline at night games looks rather special indeed.

  3. Happy birthday dude! What are you, like 29 today? Awesome shot here. Can’t wait to get to a Bucco game this year!

  4. Happy Birthday Rich!
    Hope you get your wish on the home team.
    Really nice shot of the sales window. I like this perspective.

  5. Happy birthday Rich. Hope you get your wish and the Pirates play the Red Sox in the World Series.

  6. Happy Birthday! come on spring

  7. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the birthday wishes and kind words!

  8. Happy Birthday Rich. I hope your wish comes through. Nice shot.

  9. Great leading lines with the building.

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