Night in the Burgh

Last night I met up with Dave DiCello of HDR Exposed Photography to do a photowalk in downtown Pittsburgh. His father also joined us. We had a really good time walking around the city and shooting and BS’ing. This is a shot from a parking garage across the Allegheny River from PNC park. The bridge is the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

We were just finishing up shooting from this spot when the security guard showed up and politely asked us to leave. I swear this kid wasn’t old enough to even buy beer yet and as he approached he looked pretty scared. We laughed about it as we left. At least we got all the shots in we wanted before they sent the rookie up after us hooligans.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. good weekend to you as well

  2. What a view here Rich! Awesome reflections too!

  3. Cool reflections and cloud movement!

  4. Great light and reflections Rick.Like the movement in the clouds.

  5. Really awesome shot Rich. I had a feeling you guys are always up to no good…LOL.

  6. Nice one Rich. Great framing with the trees in the foreground.

  7. Awesome shot, Rich! You and Dave are killin it there in the Burgh. LOL
    Nice work, man.

  8. Nice job capturing the reflections.

  9. So loving how well the blue lights jump out at you here. Good stuff!

  10. I dig the yellow/orange and blue play in the photo. The trees in the front are a bit bright for my taste, but this is a nit-picky thing. Also, I’m a sucker for bridges. Nice work, thanks for sharing.

  11. great shot, love the reflections, well done

  12. lovely lights Rich!

  13. Looks like it was a fun time! Funny about the guard. That alwasy seems to happen. Photographers are just about as bad as terrorists though, they say…

  14. Great shot, I will have to plan a trip over that way and meet up with everyone soon, we need to hit the furnace again

  15. Wow nice view i do really admire such a wonderful place. I really wish that i can travel all over the world visiting such wonderful places. The photo you have taken is great!

  16. Very wonderful spot to view, thank you for sharing the view hahhaaha! hope there will be more photos next time.

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