Breaking the Rules

Here’s a few Street Photos. I went out for a photo walk while on my lunch break the other day in downtown Pittsburgh. I was coming up on the intersection of Smithfiled Street and 5th Avenue when this guy just threw this Unicycle out onto Smithfield Street and hopped right up on it.

He took off against the light, through the intersection, wobbling and weaving and dodging another bicyclist and a car coming down the hill.

He not only broke the rules of the road by cruising through the red light, but of cycling itself. I have never understood how someone can ride one of those things.

No front wheel, handlebars, or breaks. Nope. Not for me. It was, however, pretty cool to see him do it.

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  1. Quite a free spirit. Or just crazy? 🙂

  2. that is pretty impressive!! nice grabs of this dude!

  3. That guy has skills. 🙂
    Love these street shot, Rich. Very nice captures.

  4. Excellent captures Rich.

  5. That is definitely a little lunch treat! Very cool shots!!

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