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There hasn’t been a post on here in a long time because I had been regularly posting on with all of my Street Photography. Somewhere, along the line, I got this bug to go back to drawing again on a rainy day that I couldn’t go out and photograph. I spent two days looking for all my art and drawing supplies and my old artwork in the three attics we have in our house and over our garages. Jen, of course, finally found them for me.


I looked back at the dates I had put on some of the graphite and charcoal drawings I had done and they were all back from 2001. This was during the one winter I had spent back in Buffalo, New York after my divorce. It was the last winter too. I moved back to the Burgh before the next one! I have been drawing since I was a kid. I always had a talent and knack for it. It runs in our family. My grandmother was and is still an Artist and has been almost her entire life. She’s now in her 80s and doesn’t do much painting anymore, but she still has always been the one Artist on this planet that I admire the most. I love her drawings and paintings. She specialized in Portraits in Oil paint and Pastels. She did some other types of art as well, but as a kid growing up, I was always interested in seeing what she was working on each time I went to visit.


Since that time a few months ago, I really have not even wanted to pick up my cameras. I do miss it, but I am loving drawing and now painting. As a kid, I was not very good and doing portraits or even figurative drawing, but, for some odd reason, since I started back up again, I have stunned even myself! I did not know what I was capable of until I just let everything go and focused on my art. Once “in the Zone” as I call it, I just feel the drawing or painting happening. Music on, and I just go with the flow. It’s amazing. All the problems I have had and continue to battle with every day since the brain tumor just vanish when I’m in the zone. Thank God! Unfortunately, I still have to take lots of breaks because I cannot sit and stare at anything for any length of time without the dizziness overwhelming me. However, when I’m on a break, I look forward to getting back to the piece I’m working on even more!


16 - 1


To sum this lengthy post up, I have not given up Photography at all, but I sure am on a “break” from it at the moment. I know that everything in our lives happens for a reason, but I wish I would have focused more on being an Artist when I was young rather than all the other choices for a career I had made. I’m still young, 45 is not “that” old yet. I still am unable to really work or drive or get around too easy without the danger of losing my balance and falling, which does still happen quite a bit. Knock on wood, no broken bones yet! I hope everyone enjoys viewing my artwork as much as they have shown regarding my photography. I will be posting back here on with my current paintings, drawings, etc. If you like the posts, or even dislike them, please leave a comment so we can discuss things. I always look forward to that.


Take care all.


Walking in the Rain

A fitting image for today. The weather was very lousy across a large part of the USA last night and into today it continues. Including here.



Walking in the Rain


I hope everyone stays safe and has a good day. Take care and thanks for visiting!